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Why You Need an Incident Response Plan

When incidents happen, security teams are under tremendous pressure. In such a hectic environment, they might not follow proper incident response procedures to limit the damage. Lacking the right information, or a formal plan, many overreact, shutting down or patching too many systems and interrupting operations in a way that magnifies the business risk. In some cases, a rush to respond may eliminate valuable forensic information needed to isolate and eradicate an attack.

Don’t assume incident response plans are for large, mature enterprises only. Organizations of every size and maturity experience serious security incidents that must be dealt with effectively. In Verizon’s 2021 report, more than 45% of security breaches occurred in organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees.

The following is our take on why an incident response plan should be a critical piece of your cybersecurity strategy. This eBook provides some valuable guidelines and tips to help CISOs, and incident responders succeed.

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