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What is the Future of AI in IT and Security?

It’s no secret that the shortage of cybersecurity professionals and experts poses a significant challenge.The buzz around Auto-GPT and security has sparked discussions about the potential of AI to fill the gaps and even enable organizations to build a fully computerized SOC. But is this a dream or a budding nightmare for organizations?

In this webinar, our Exabeam security experts will dive into the realm of computational efficiencies and operational efficiencies that automation brings. They’ll also provide valuable insight into the critical considerations, boundaries, and safeguards that organizations must establish when adopting AI and other emerging technologies.  

You’ll gain a clear understanding of these topics and more:

  • Assessing the risks associated with OpenAI and other NLP/LLM text searching interfaces
  • Investigating the true potential of AI or ML in replacing human roles and responsibilities, and methodologies for evaluating AI systems
  • Differentiating between ML and AI for chatbots in the context of security detection
  • Demystifying the terminology associated with AI, including -machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and RNN
  • Understanding the nuances between structured and unstructured data, as well as supervised and unsupervised approaches

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Jeannie Warner
Director Product Marketing | Exabeam

Sam Humphries
Head of Security Strategy, EMEA | Exabeam

Tyler Farrar
Chief Information Security Officer | Exabeam

Steve Povolny
Director, Security Research | Exabeam

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