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Using Cribl Observability Pipelines to Optimize Cloud-Native SIEM

Prepare for the imminent data explosion projected by IDC — an astounding 175 ZB by 2025. Organizations are left pondering, “Do we need all of this data to detect security threats?”

In this webinar, we present a compelling argument: It’s not about collecting ALL the data; it’s about collecting the RIGHT data. 

Legacy on-prem SIEM solutions and data lakes can hinder data collection for combating modern threats like ransomware. Join us as we discuss the game-changing power of combining Cribl observability pipelines with cloud-native SIEM, empowering you to route, filter, and mask log data strategically. Unleash the potential of improved insights, focusing solely on what truly matters. 

Our security experts from Cribl and Exabeam will delve into how to:

  • Accelerate migration: Bid farewell to legacy SIEM and data lakes, embracing the future of cloud-native SIEM
  • Optimize storage: Liberate valuable headroom, accommodating vast amounts of telemetry data
  • Improve threat detection: Seamlessly integrate behavioral analytics, enriching your telemetry data for proactive threat detection

Hosted by Exabeam and Cribl

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Mike Moreno
Senior Product Marketing Manager | Exabeam

Jim Apger
Senior Alliances Technology Engineer | Cribl

Desi Gavis-Hughson
Manager, Solutions Marketing | Cribl

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