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UEBA for Data Loss Prevention

Learn how user and entity behavior analytics can improve data protection.

Data Loss Protection (DLP) solutions are widely-deployed as a means of finding sensitive data and detecting (and blocking) the movement of that data to the outside world by rogue or compromised insiders. DLP is used to scan data at rest and identify files and associated systems containing sensitive data, and to scan data in motion to track sensitive data as it’s copied to emails, thumbdrives, etc. While DLP can be effective at fingerprinting and identifying sensitive information, DLP products have limited context about user behavior and can suffer from false positives and negatives.

User behavior analytics (UBA) can provide the context required to evaluate user behavior efficiently and accurately. DLP focuses on the data itself, while UBA focuses on the user handling that data. Together, these solutions can improve analysis of the interaction between users and sensitive data.

Read the white paper and learn how a user behavior analytics solution can help you:

  • Prevent data loss across eight use cases with or without a third-party DLP product in place
  • Connect the behavioral dots across all a user’s accounts, devices, and IP addresses, over time
  • Provide instant insight into risk and eliminate the noise that often accompanies DLP technologies

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