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The Top 10 UEBA Use Cases for Today’s SOCs

Attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, and often are invisible and undetectable by traditional security solutions. The result? A nearly ceaseless flow of headlines detailing successful breaches. Security analysts do what they can with legacy tools, but these tend to swamp analysts with alerts that are difficult to understand and are often useless for rapid detection and remediation of advanced threats.

Join Orion Cassetto, Director of Product Marketing at Exabeam, as he discusses the features of modern User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), how it offers solutions to these problems by employing artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced analytics, data enrichment, and data science to effectively augment existing security investments and combat advanced threats, as well as the top UEBA use cases that provide value for todays security teams.

Attend this Webinar to learn:

  • Why behavior analytics is a must-have for a mature security framework
  • The hallmarks of effective behavior analytics
  • The top ten UEBA use cases

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