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The Responsibility of Risk

Maintaining Cyber Risk Compliance Amid Growing State and Federal Regulations

After the 2021 Executive Order, United States tech companies are committing billions of dollars to be invested over the next several years to strengthen cybersecurity defenses and to train workers. Tyler Farrar, CISO of Exabeam, and Ari Companioni, Senior Principle Product Manager, present on how to meet the responsibilities of risk management as well as best practices in committing both engineering and program support for compliance.

While a CISO owns the strategy and lends executive support to initiatives, the product management team owns execution of the changes in organization, tools, and communication. Exabeam’s dynamic duo talk about how we meet the challenges at Exabeam, from emergency security champions responding to threats to the daily changes needed for governance and compliance to ISO, NIST, and other standards.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • How big tech should commit to support compliance and defenses
  • The risk responsibility by mandate – what needs to change in your organization?
  • How state and federal regulations can be met in a programmatic way
  • Road stories – how Exabeam structures cybersecurity and emergency response teams

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Wanda Miles
Manager, Program Management Office | Exabeam

Tyler Farrar
Chief Information Security Officer | Exabeam

Ari Companioni
Senior Principal Product Manager | Exabeam

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