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White Paper

Step-by-Step Incident Response for Today’s Top 3 Security Scenarios

Get Response Playbooks for Malware, Phishing and Departed Employee

All too often, security looks more like the cleanup crew after an attack, and less like the centurions standing guard to ensure that nothing bad gets in. In reality, security is a bit of both. How much of each depends on how well you respond to security incidents and whether you leverage them to make your environment more secure.

Don’t figure it out as you go along! History repeats itself and so do security incidents; they can be categorized and you need to develop corresponding playbooks so that your response is appropriate, complete and consistent.

This whitepaper looks at the top three security scenarios that are ripe with risk to the organization. The paper will discuss, step by step, how to properly respond should these events occur. The top three security scenarios include:

  • User falls victim to phishing attack
  • Malware detected on endpoint
  • Departed employee