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SOC-from-home: Actionable Insights for Security Practitioners

For many organizations, the days of a completely in-house SOC managing security for a completely in-house workforce are long gone. Security business-as-usual has commonly been a mix of remote and internal users, on-premises and cloud infrastructure, and some company owned devices and BYOD. In recent weeks, global events have seen a huge shift towards working from home, for both employees and security operations staff. Balancing business needs with security and risk management in the current climate presents unprecedented detection and response challenges for newly distributed SOC teams.

During this educational webcast Richard and Sam will discuss:

  • Nuances of securing a fully remote workforce
  • Considerations for realigning your current processes
  • Guidance on new (and old) threat vectors for remote workers
  • Recommended best practices for security controls to help you support your remote organization

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