Search, Dashboards, and Correlation Rules - Exabeam

Search, Dashboards, and Correlation Rules

Know how to author effective searches, as well as create and build amazing rules and visualizations. In this two-day instructor-led course, students will learn the skills and features behind search, dashboards, and correlation rules in the Exabeam Security Operations Platform. Students will learn how to use search to filter for events, increase the power of searches using regex, and customize searches with advanced built-in tools such as Field templates and Field summary. They will also learn how to create complex visualizations simply in custom dashboards and build meaningful custom alerts with correlation rules.

Students will apply this information and build their skills through both lectures and hands-on labs. Because students will gain more competency in using the Exabeam Security Operations Platform with search, dashboards, and correlation rules, they will have increased visibility and better security for their organizations, at a lower cost per byte than the traditional SIEM.