Machine Learning & Automation in the SOC - Exabeam

Machine Learning & Automation in the SOC

Insider threats from compromised credentials, leading to lateral movement across the network continues unabated. They are notoriously difficult to spot and require lengthy investigations.

Many security operations metrics are time-driven: time-to-detect, time-to-respond, time-to-answer… Security analysts are up against the clock to review, investigate, and act. Manual processes, manual analysis, manual decision making is borne from the idea that machines cannot always be trusted to understand risk as a human would. But the data haystacks continue to grow exponentially, and the needles ever harder to find.

Humans are struggling.

Understanding where and how to focus your analyst’s efforts will help you better protect your organisation from risk.

Attend this session to learn about:

  • Insider threat and the risks that organisations face
  • The “new breed” of insiders and the dangers they pose
  • Best practices for developing an insider risk management program
  • Leveraging machine learning and automation in the SOC to combat insider threats

All attendees will be able to get CPE credits for attending this webcast.

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