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Higher Education

Empower small teams with analytics and automation for faster, more accurate, and cost-effective threat detection, and response.

Higher education institutions are besieged by cybersecurity threats due to many challenges. As a byproduct of the global pandemic, enrollments at U.S. colleges and universities have dropped sharply – almost a half-million fewer undergraduate students based on recent estimates. Fewer students mean less revenue, which adds pressure to already challenged IT and security budgets in private and public institutions alike. Higher education also faces a dearth of cybersecurity talent, which weakens the ability to detect advanced threats, investigate potential vulnerabilities, and respond to ransomware and other costly attacks.

Exabeam brings higher education a new, simpler, and more effective way to ensure cybersecurity with existing small teams and within budget constraints. By automating the end-to-end workflow, Exabeam cuts the time spent on security tasks by 51% and further supports your compliance requirements by removing the potential for human error borne out of historically manual processes.