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Exabeam and Mimecast

From detection to security insights

In the age of remote work, email has become the backbone of business operations. But it’s also a prime target for attackers seeking to exploit vulnerabilities as employees share proprietary secrets, financial information, and other sensitive data. With email ranking among the top three attack vectors, how can organizations defend themselves against this growing threat?

Discover how Exabeam and Mimecast unite as an integrated solution to bolster detection capabilities, thwart threats, and deliver valuable security insights across your entire organization. This integration empowers your security teams to effectively counter email and credential-based attacks across all IT environments. 

By downloading this guide, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the key features and benefits, including:

  • Threat correlation and lateral movement detection: Detect and contain attacks earlier, responding swiftly to phishing attempts and business email compromise tactics.
  • Lateral movement detection, advanced threat detection, and alert prioritization: Automate the threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) workflow for increased efficiency, giving analysts more time to tackle major breaches. 
  • Threat investigation: Identify high-risk users and devices with correlation spanning across Mimecast events, cloud, endpoint, and network security data to prevent breaches.

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