Business Rewards vs. Security Risks of Generative AI - Executive Panel - Exabeam

Business Rewards vs. Security Risks of Generative AI – Executive Panel

Examining Statistics and Trends From ISMG’s First Annual GenAI Survey

The year 2023 is destined to be etched in history as the moment when generative AI (GenAI) reached the masses. However, the key question remains: to what extent have organizations embraced the potential benefits and prepared for the associated risks? How many have integrated GenAI into their operations? Which ones have allocated a dedicated budget? And, crucially, who comprehends the AI regulations relevant to their industry?

Exabeam was one of five sponsors of a comprehensive research survey conducted by Information Security Media Group who delved into these questions and more. Over 400 professionals participated, representing two distinct cohorts—CIOs, board members, executives, or other business leaders, and CISOs or other cybersecurity professionals—from diverse vertical sectors around the world. The survey, conducted in the early fall of 2023, sought to understand the nuances in perspectives between these groups and provided a snapshot of the current landscape of GenAI adoption. This included an exploration of the various tools being tested and the respondents’ awareness of existing regulations.

In this executive analysis panel you’ll hear from Exabeam Director of Security Research, Steve Polvony, and other industry leaders for a thought-provoking conversation. The panel explores the survey’s main findings, for better or worse, capturing the current moment as the widespread adoption of GenAI technology gains momentum across every organization.

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