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A CISO’s Guide to the AI Opportunity in Security Operations

Are you aware of the benefits and risks of using artificial intelligence (AI) in security operations? As business leaders and decision makers across various sectors embrace the potential of AI, they are confronted with critical questions, such as: What are the potential dangers? Could AI be used against us? Is our organization truly prepared?

While these questions are far from baseless, given the transformative power of AI, it’s also essential to recognize that security operations centers (SOCs) aren’t just defenders against AI-related threats — they’re also benefiting from AI tools within their security vendors and using the latest technology to learn more.

In this webinar, security experts will unveil how organizations can use AI to their advantage and seize the opportunity that AI presents for security operations. 

Our experts will share insights on:

  • Defining AI: We break down different types of AI technologies currently relevant to security operations.
  • Impact assessment: Learn the positive and negative implications of AI’s influence on threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR).
  • Technology foundations: Gain insights into the systems and solutions laying the groundwork for AI-augmented security operations. 

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Tyler Farrar
Chief Information Security Officer | Exabeam

Jeannie Warner
Director, Product Marketing | Exabeam

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