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The Game-Changing Benefits of Cloud-Native SIEM

August 31, 2023


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Processing and retaining vast amounts of data has long been a challenge for security operations teams. However, with the expansion of cloud-native solutions, security professionals are now capable of harnessing game-changing benefits and streamlining processes that were once overwhelmingly complex. 

In the webinar, Taking Your SIEM Solution to the Next Level — The Power of SIEM in the Cloud, Exabeam Senior Product Marketing Manager, Kevin Binder and Director of Product Management, Manoj Mohanan discuss cloud-native security advancements at length, and demonstrate the power of New-Scale SIEM™ from Exabeam. 

In this article:

Evolution of SIEM solutions and security operations centers (SOCs)

Security operations centers (SOCs) are forming and evolving at a rapid pace, but why? Because cyberattacks are common and sophisticated. Kevin notes that the average average number of days to identify and contain a cyberattack is 277, which gives threat actors plenty of time to do significant damage. It’s essential that SOC teams are spending their time effectively. Thankfully, cloud-native solutions present a variety of advancements which allow for more efficient use of your, often limited, IT resources.

“With most on-premises solutions, there’s infrastructure that needs to be managed,” Kevin explains. “Everything from the cooling, the electricity, racking and stacking, patching servers, that all takes away from some of the real work your IT resources need to be doing. So cloud-native SIEM offloads that infrastructure management piece and allows your SOC personnel to focus on threat detection, not managing infrastructure.”

The needs of a modern SIEM solution

As security technology evolves, data retention and processing grows exponentially. Managing a threat landscape now comes with an ever-increasing volume of logs and security data that must be ingested and processed at scale and on demand. 

Manoj explains, “A modern SIEM [solution] should provide capabilities for security analysts to seamlessly search, detect, visualize all collected data, and provide capabilities to manage and automate detection investigation and response workflows.” 

New-Scale SIEM, for example, offers rapid log ingestion processing, clocking in at more than 1 million events per second (EPS) sustained. It also allows you to pay for only what you need and scale on demand, optimizing your SOC budget and preventing runaway spending. 

“Many SIEM vendors encourage you to ingest more data, increasing your cost, while Exabeam SIEM focuses on processing the right data,” Manoj continues. “Log Stream is not only able to process and transform data at scale, but also provides you the ability to manage the data processing pipeline and fine-tune it.”

Threat investigation

When presented with a security incident, the last thing you want is your security team flying blind, investigating without insight — and they shouldn’t have to spend months just learning how to use their tools. A modern, cloud-native SIEM should be intuitive enough for even junior analysts to respond to threats or go threat hunting themselves. This is where threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) comes into play. With new, cloud-enabled tools, security professionals can now tune out noisy benign alerts and focus on finding true threats.

“Alert and Case Management is a ticketing solution that centralizes all alerts and cases,” Manoj explains. “It provides a triage investigation and response workflow. Alert and Case Management provides all the relevant context like MITRE ATT&CK® labels and threat timelines in a single pane to optimize the threat investigation workflow.”


In the never-ending, cat-and-mouse game of cybersecurity, the cloud has become an essential frontier for innovation. As showcased by Manoj and Kevin, New-Scale SIEM is a prime example of a leaner, meaner security interface Services like Outcomes Navigator, for example, can highlight your security gaps, and recommend improvements, while Threat Timelines offer play-by-plays of suspicious activity. It’s quite simple: In today’s world, improving your security posture via cloud-native tools isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

For more insights from Kevin and Manoj, watch the on-demand webinar or read the transcript.

Taking Your SIEM Solution to the Next Level — The Power of SIEM in the Cloud

The ever-evolving landscape of security information and event management (SIEM) solutions has presented security operations teams with new challenges in processing and retaining vast amounts of data. The growing scope of SIEM platforms has undeniably amplified their power, but it has also introduced complexities that surpass the capabilities of many security teams.

Join Exabeam security experts as they delve into the world of cloud-native SIEM and the game-changing benefits of transitioning to the cloud. You’ll also hear how to unlock the potential for accelerated security management and enhanced threat mitigation.

You’ll gain a clear understanding of cloud technology’s benefits to your security operations, including:

  • Streamlining deployment and management 
  • Increasing scalability, speed, and cost effectiveness 
  • Empowering security analysts to focus on delivering advanced threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR)

Watch now!

Taking Your SIEM Solution to the Next Level

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