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The AI-Driven Exabeam Security Operations Platform: Revolutionizing Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response

February 27, 2024


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In an age where cyberthreats rapidly evolve, Exabeam has further solidified its position as a leader in AI-driven security operations. Our latest upgrades to the Exabeam Security Operations Platform, including the debut of Threat Center and Exabeam Copilot, highlight our dedication to empowering security analysts with the most advanced tools to combat cyberthreats efficiently and effectively.

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Transformative features redefining cybersecurity

Designed to streamline security operations center (SOC) workflows and improve the speed and accuracy of threat mitigation, these enhancements are pivotal. Every second counts in cybersecurity, and our advancements are engineered to prevent minor incidents from escalating into major breaches.

The AI-Driven Exabeam Security Operations Platform: Revolutionizing Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response

A unified, AI-powered TDIR workbench: the first of its kind

Threat Center introduces the first-ever unified threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) workbench powered by AI, alongside Exabeam Copilot, our generative AI assistant. These pioneering solutions represent first-to-market capabilities that are specifically tailored to address the operational challenges faced by security analysts. Threat Center simplifies TDIR by consolidating disparate tools and interfaces into a cohesive experience, boosting analyst productivity and efficiency.

Exabeam Copilot complements this by providing automated insights into complex threats and suggesting actionable next steps, further reducing the time and effort required for threat resolution. With features like natural language search, Exabeam Copilot makes it easier for even junior analysts to execute complex queries without advanced technical knowledge. This represents a significant advance in SOC workflow optimization, enabling analysts to focus on strategic tasks rather than being bogged down by routine operations.

The strategic advantage of AI in cybersecurity

Integrating AI and automation into the Exabeam Security Operations Platform offers a strategic edge in combating cybercrime. With AI-powered detections, security teams can now more accurately identify high-risk threats by analyzing user and entity behavior with context-aware risk scoring. This approach ensures faster, more precise TDIR, meeting the urgent needs of the current cybersecurity environment.

Unifying threat management and investigation tools in Threat Center, combined with the power and insights provided by Exabeam Copilot, positions the Exabeam Security Operations Platform at the forefront of security operations innovation. This evolution hints at a future where AI and machine learning not only augment, but also elevate, human capabilities towards more effective security measures.

Maximizing your Microsoft Sentinel investment with Exabeam

We are also excited to announce the enhancement of SIEM investments through the Microsoft Sentinel Collector. This strategic initiative allows organizations to leverage our industry-leading analytics and automation capabilities within their existing Microsoft Sentinel deployment, unlocking unprecedented potential and maximizing the value of their investment instantly. This integration provides broader insights, automated workflows, and accelerated TDIR capabilities, ensuring that Microsoft Sentinel users benefit from an additional layer of intelligence and efficiency.

The AI-driven Exabeam Security Operations Platform offers flexible options, from basic log management and SIEM to advanced cybersecurity functionalities, including groundbreaking user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and TDIR innovations. Recognizing the challenges associated with deploying SIEM and integrating data sources, many organizations choose to augment their existing SIEM solutions with our platform’s advanced capabilities. This approach offers a pragmatic and effective method for organizations seeking to strengthen their security posture without the need for a full SIEM overhaul.

Embrace the future of cybersecurity with Exabeam

As we approach the general availability of these features in March 2024, the excitement within our community is palpable. For those yet to experience Exabeam, these innovations present a compelling reason to reassess and consider the advantages of adopting an AI-driven security approach.

Staying ahead in the cybersecurity arms race requires exploring the new capabilities of the Exabeam Security Operations Platform. The future of cybersecurity is upon us, and with Exabeam, you’re ready to face it with confidence. To learn more please visit:

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