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Spotlight23 Highlights in Review

October 09, 2023


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Exabeam really knows how to help “Raise Your Security Game” and we did exactly that at our Spotlight23 event at San Francisco’s Chase Center. More than 100 joined us in-person, and with our global audience joining three livestreams we had well over 500 listening, learning, and thinking about how to use Exabeam to drive value across their organizations. 

The theme of the day was “Raise Your Security Game.” In addition to exciting fireside chats, live demos, and customer panels, Exabeam innovation took center stage. With more than 400 features and enhancements introduced in the past 12 months, Exabeam continues to offer the leading AI-driven security operations platform. It has been handling an average daily ingestion of more than 200 terabytes (TB) and has executed 54 million correlation searches since its launch​.

Exabeam CEO Adam Geller highlighted this exciting growth in his opening keynote, showcasing the Exabeam vision and our role as a leader in AI and machine learning (ML) within the SIEM space. 

In this article:

The past, present, and future of Exabeam AI 

This year’s Spotlight shined a light on how Exabeam provides the industry’s most advanced AI-driven solutions for threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR)​.

“Since 2013, Exabeam has been laser-focused on advancing security operations using machine learning for user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and other types of AI to automate threat detection and investigation,” Adam explained. “The data processing requirements of AI-driven security operations can only be met using a cloud-native infrastructure optimized for cost and speed. Leveraging AI, and now generative AI, we continue to push the envelope of innovation with cloud-native SIEM, security analytics, and security investigation solutions. We are committed to our mission to simplify and accelerate TDIR to provide successful security outcomes for organizations worldwide.”

Brian Goldstein, Global General Manager for AI at Google Cloud, joined Adam on stage to dig into​ the future of AI and cybersecurity, aligning with our longstanding use of ML in UEBA. Exabeam currently holds 36 patents in cybersecurity, more than half of which feature AI.

A Warrior’s homecoming

The Chase Center wouldn’t be complete without a Warrior. NBA Golden State Warriors player and Hall of Famer and two-time Olympic gold medalist, Chris Mullin, joined me to talk about the keys to success. Chris is an athlete and a businessman — and knows that the key to leadership is consistency, understanding one’s role, and being a team player. 

No matter the sport, or the industry, it’s undeniable that teamwork is essential for success. 

Customer representation

Spotlight23 also provided an opportunity to engage with our most valued stakeholders: our customers. The Port of Antwerp-Bruges and r-tec demonstrated the impact of Exabeam on a global scale, while the Cybersecurity Warriors Awards honored outstanding Exabeam customers who exhibit leadership and innovation in cybersecurity. 

Additionally, Exabeam Chief Security Strategist Steve Moore explored the mindset of current Exabeam users by interviewing Michael Meis, Associate CISO at the University of Kansas Health System, and Jonathan Kennedy, CISO at InComm Payments.

Once the presentations ended, viewers were invited to participate in three live breakout sessions that allowed them to apply Exabeam technology advancements. The session topics included “Tools to Measure the Success of Your SOC,” “Automate and Accelerate TDIR,” and “Operationalize an Effective TDIR Workflow.” 


Each year, Spotlight provides an exceptional opportunity to hear from Exabeam executives, security experts, partners, and customers as they share the latest product innovations, use cases, and value. In a fast-moving cybersecurity world, Exabeam empowers security operations centers (SOCs) to raise their security game every single day. 

Spotlight23 On Demand

If you missed any of Spotlight23, you can watch the on-demand recordings of all the main headliners and breakout sessions here.

Spotlight23: Exabeam, AI, and the Future of Security Operations

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