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Human Managed Selects Exabeam to Drive Faster Decision-making

August 24, 2021


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Human Managed is an intelligence company that drives decision-making for cybersecurity, digital and risk scenarios. Founded in 2018 with branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, and Chennai, they interpret data and convert it to intelligence, helping to drive faster and more effective security decisions for customers in finance.

Every day, businesses must make critical decisions regarding sensitive assets, which require accurate and reliable threat intelligence. Innovative financial organizations rely on Human Managed for help with data interpretation and conversion.

Human Managed needed to find the right partner to help them collect and transfer data into usable security intelligence for their clients. Read the entire case study here on why Human Managed selected Exabeam as their “intelligence orchestration” partner, helping turn data into actionable insights for organizations in the fast-paced financial sector.

Gaining context from a sea of data

Financial organizations find themselves under a continuing barrage of advanced cyberattacks. Every day brings the challenge of safeguarding key assets, and security teams must answer many critical questions. What are the most severe threats facing our organization? What threats demand our team’s immediate attention? What actions must we take to mitigate these threats? Karen Kim, CEO at Human Managed, explains, “It’s common knowledge that cyberattacks are sophisticated, targeted, and frequent. Every day, organizations must decide what are the threats they need to care about, which attacks to respond to and how to protect their most critical assets – based on the intelligence they have at a certain point in time.”

Many in the financial industry trust Human Managed to provide this point-in-time intelligence. Finding threats isn’t the challenge today as there is no shortage of incident detection tools on the market. However, most organizations cannot relate the collected data, gain valuable context, and fully understand their position concerning both internal and external threats. The Human Managed team knew they needed a scenario-based solution to help them extract critical information from disparate data sources, understand its meaning in context, and provide actionable intelligence for their clients.

An intelligence orchestration partnership to fight cybercrime

In Exabeam, Human Managed found a partner who could approach security from the inside out, focus on insider threats, and quickly correlate volumes of digital and physical log data. This wasn’t a job for the average SIEM, and Exabeam offered solutions that made them the “intelligence orchestration” partner for the Human Managed team.

Exabeam introduced Smart Timelines to enhance visibility and set standards for normal user behavior, which helped identify anomalies and link behavior patterns to threat personas. With Exabeam’s solution in place, automated processes collected data faster and more efficiently. Contextual connections added value and supported a deeper level of understanding regarding the internal and external threat landscape. Additionally, the Exabeam platform augmented Human Managed’s existing cybersecurity tools while allowing the team to remain lean and agile – both helpful considering the growing cybersecurity skills shortage.

Looking ahead

Partnering with Exabeam gave the Human Managed team just what it needed – the ability to gather relevant data, tie in context, and deliver necessary intelligence for crucial point-in-time security decisions. Exabeam’s advanced analytics and automation technology proved to be an excellent solution for providing intelligence for decision making to a leader in an industry where organizations can’t afford to make the wrong security decisions.

“Exabeam is a really useful tool to enrich our platform with the full scope of what an event is and what the context would be. It helps not only to detect what’s going on but then help us to predict what may happen in the future,” – Karen Kim, CEO, Human Managed

For details of how Exabeam helped Human Managed support its customers in fighting cyberattacks with superior data interpretation and intelligence, please read the entire case study here.


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