Exabeam News Wrap-up – Week of July 25, 2022 - Exabeam

Exabeam News Wrap-up – Week of July 25, 2022

August 01, 2022


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Flying Blind in Security Operations

This week in Dark Reading, Exabeam Chief Strategy Officer Gorka Sadowski discussed how organizations can proactively prevent future threats to mitigate the lasting consequences of data breaches and fix security blind spots. He highlighted the importance of behavioral analytics in distinguishing normal versus abnormal behavior.

“There is not a single vendor on the planet right now that can provide a one-stop shop of world-class technology to prevent and stop breaches. One doesn’t exist,” asserts Gorka. Organizations need to be able to choose best-in-class technologies that work well and integrate together no matter what company built them.

Roblox Breached Via Phishing for Extortion

News broke this week that gaming platform Roblox was breached via a phishing/social engineering attack that led to a cybercriminal stealing internal documents and leaking them online for extortion. Exabeam Director of Product Marketing Jeannie Warner provided commentary in Disaster Recovery Journal.

“Many network attack vectors start with a link to a phishing URL,” explains Jeannie. “A carefully crafted email containing the malicious link is sent to an unsuspecting employee. As soon as it’s clicked, malware is loaded and the cycle of information loss and damage begins. Any company that houses sensitive data should aim to nip this problem early on by identifying and alerting these malicious links.”

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Checklist: Ransomware, Phishing, and Malware Defense and Response

External threats such as ransomware, phishing, and malware attacks are a daily occurrence for every organization. While defense against these attacks is improving, their quickly evolving nature means prevention is never guaranteed. Security operations teams must be prepared to respond to an active attack at any time.

Defending against external threats is more than just choosing the right security solutions. It’s also creating a security program that puts people, processes, and technology together. 
Download the checklist and use it as a guide when defending and responding to external attacks.

External Threats: Ransomware, Phishing, and Malware

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