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Exabeam News Wrap-up – April 3, 2023

April 03, 2023


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Dole’s North American Operations Shut Down by Ransomware Attack

In response to a ransomware attack earlier this month, Dole briefly shut down its North American production plants and halted delivering its popular salad kits to stores. Exabeam Director of Product Marketing Jeannie Warner shares how the viability of assaults is facilitated by the diluted view of ransomware.

“Unfortunately, even now people still have a diluted perspective on ransomware. There is enough out there on what it is, how it works, and a massive push to ‘stop’ it, but we never solved the foundational problems that make it possible,” she says.

“Ransomware is a missed intrusion, period. The attacks are only possible because of a weakness in an environment that begins with or later involves compromised credentials. If you unsuccessfully manage intrusions, you will eventually fall victim to ransomware,” she continues.

Health & Safety Protection Solution Manufacturer Ansell Shares How Exabeam Protects Critical Data

Health and safety protection solution manufacturer Ansell has adopted Exabeam Fusion to establish a normal baseline of activity across its business, IT and security environments, including its Cisco product security stack.

George Michalitsianos, Vice President of Information Security and IT Infrastructure at Ansell, shares how the company is using Exabeam as a security information and event management (SIEM) provider to protect critical data. “Using Exabeam Fusion, we now have a holistic picture of our environment across our portfolio of IT and security products,” he says. “Our security analysts can easily monitor data across all IT infrastructure in the cloud, business applications joined with critical user and device context, and timely threat intelligence data to detect what other products we evaluated simply couldn’t provide.”

Exabeam Partners with NEC Australia to Offer Advanced Threat Protection 

NEC Australia, a leading cyber security solutions and services company, has partnered with Exabeam to provide a full-spectrum threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) service to the Australian market.

NEC’s Managed SIEM + XDR service leverages the Exabeam Security Operations Platform to provide a cloud-scale SIEM solution along with extended detection and response (XDR). NEC’s managed service supports both government and enterprise customers to gain extended visibility, detailed user and entity analysis, and effective threat detection and response across all areas of their IT environments.

Organizations Have Security Priorities Mismatched as Breaches Continue to Rise 

According to the Exabeam State of the SIEM survey, security professionals remain confident in the face of modernizing adversaries despite rising breach numbers. The survey revealed that 97% of security professionals feel assured that they are well-equipped with the tools and processes they need to prevent and detect intrusions or breaches. However, according to other recent security industry reports, 83% of organizations experienced more than one data breach in 2022.

So where’s the disconnect? What are the problems preventing organizations from having the upperhand against threat actors?

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Learn how to protect your organization from Insider Threats

Using a Layered Approach to Improve Ransomware Detection and Response

Ransomware costs the world tens of billions of dollars a year, and it’s here to stay. Entry can come at any time through multiple attack vectors, so what can security leaders do to prevent ransomware’s destructive effects? 

The Exabeam Security Research Team reviewed the characteristics of four recent ransomware attacks. This white paper details what they learned from their analysis about the optimal way to protect your organization:

  • The one characteristic all four attacks shared
  • The security analyst’s greatest opportunity to detect ransomware attacks
  • Why security architects need to deploy approaches that understand behavior and immediately identifies tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Best practices for optimal ransomware protection

Read the paper to learn about employing behavioral analytics to defend against ransomware and credential theft.

Using a Layered Approach to Improve Ransomware Detection and Response

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