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Why I Joined Exabeam

June 01, 2021


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I am excited to share today that I’ve joined Exabeam as CEO and President.

I’m honored to begin leading this fast-growing, exceptionally innovative cybersecurity company that is building the number one trusted cloud security operations (SecOps) platform.

After spending eight years at security giant McAfee, followed by six years at the helm of ForeScout Technologies, there are many reasons I chose to join Exabeam. 

We are in an amazing market. 

The security operations (SecOps) market is filled with great opportunities. 

Data is growing exponentially and shifting from on-premises solutions into lower-cost storage platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Snowflake. Exabeam is well-positioned to take advantage of this inflection point.

The threat landscape is growing in terms of volume, complexity, and attack vectors. SecOps teams are exhausted and the odds are stacked against them.  

Organizations need a solution that can heterogeneously integrate with all of the different data sources found across SecOps today — cloud networks, data lakes, firewalls, endpoints, security information and event management (SIEM) systems — and make sense of it all. They also need a solution that can help them quickly and effectively respond to attacks to beat the bad actors.  

I joined Exabeam because of the company’s ability to innovate and execute fast to provide SecOps what it needs — advanced behavior analytics and automation solutions capable of defeating the adversaries, both inside and out. 

A history of innovation. 

Why else did I join? Short answer … Exabeam technology rocks. 

The company defined the user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) category. It was the first to use machine learning to go beyond correlation rules to help understaffed security teams understand normal behavior so they could spot abnormal adversarial behavior immediately. 

We were one of the first UEBA providers that could augment other security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. We continue to be a leader in next-gen SIEM solutions as a two-time Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM. 

We helped define what a next-gen SIEM should be.

Exabeam has integrated its advanced analytics and automation capabilities with nearly every top IT and security product hitting every single piece of the market, be it cloud networks, endpoint solutions, SOAR, SIEM, you name it, we are there. 

This means we are one of the few security vendors, possibly the only, with an open XDR approach, that can make sense out of all of the data that moves through Threat Detection, Investigation and Response (TDIR) workflows. 

We are the only company that automates the entire TDIR workflow to accurately detect threats and speed up investigation and response. 

Security analysts are exhausted. Over the years, they’ve been sold a bag of goods that has piled up and exploded into an overwhelming number of false positives. Exabeam helps them calm the chaos, hone in on real threats, and get a true handle on their security operations.    

We also help them build a process and methodology, along with the tools that help them through each phase of the TDIR lifecycle. We see too many security operation centers (SOCs) that have decent-enough detection content, a couple of automation playbooks and there you go, that’s all they have. It’s not enough. You need prepackaged content for each phase of TDIR focused on use cases and driven by outcomes. 

Exabeam is on it. That’s why I joined the company. 

Strong team culture. 

Like a gazillion beams of light, the vibrant culture at Exabeam owns up to its name. We have hundreds of people who wake up every day with one mission: to make security success the norm and STOP THE ADVERSARIES.  

We have some of the world’s leading cybersecurity engineers, developers, product leaders, sales, product marketers, professional services and customer success experts. There will be growing pains and challenges on our continued mission. 

Exabeam has a history of facing challenges straight on — that will continue under my leadership. 

We will continue to out-innovate and outmaneuver the adversaries. That’s why I joined Exabeam

I also look forward to working with our cybersecurity partners around the world. Together, we will defeat the adversaries and help our customers outsmart the odds. 



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