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Who Cares? Exabeam Cares

July 13, 2022


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What’s in a name? A whole lot.

You may not know it, but the name Exabeam has a lot of intentionality behind it. In a day and time where big data became more and more prevalent, “giga” and “tera” saturated the tech landscape. So, when thinking of a name for the company, our founders began to think big — really big. Like, one billion gigabytes big. 

For those keeping score at home, a billion gigabytes is an exabyte, or 10 to the power of 18. That’s really close to the number of three-pointers Steph Curry has hit since he started playing basketball! 

“Beam” was introduced because the platform is designed to shine a light on interesting patterns contained in huge volumes of log data. So there you have it: Exabeam. As a result, the company culture naturally began to embody and embrace this theme across all aspects of the company. At Exabeam, you don’t have to look far to find groups of united individuals in communities like ExaPets, ExaMeets, ExaPray, ExaGals, ExaMeditators, and even (my favorite) Texabeamers. We also have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to connect individuals with a shared purpose of driving diversity and inclusion within the organization, like Exabeam Pride ERG. Each of these groups provide a place for like-minded Exabeamers to share in conversation and community. But there’s one group that unites us all, and that is ExaCares. 

Pushing pause to prioritize community service

Recently, our company — a start-up moving at ExaSpeed and heads down in the middle of some crazy awesome platform revisions — asked its employees to push the pause button at work to go out and serve in our communities. And we did. In a big way. 

Whether through centrally-planned activities with colleagues or just on our own, our executive team asked us to invest in the communities where we live. As a result, Exabeamers all over the globe stopped what we were doing for a day and went to serve in soup kitchens, food pantries,  community centers, and schools. We pulled weeds at Botanic Gardens in Southport, UK;  served our Veterans in California, volunteered at schools in Africa, put together school kits in Pune, India, and much more. 

We took ExaCares to communities all over the globe. Heck, I even know one guy who walked around a lake in Ottawa (is that in Texas?) with just his young son and picked up trash. No glitz, no glamor; just a father teaching his son to serve his community and respect the land on which they live. So, while our platform was hard at work shining a light in customer network environments all over the globe, we paused for a day to shine a light in our own communities. Why? Because ExaCares. 

Giving to others is self care

Care. Care is defined as attentive assistance or treatment to those in need. You don’t have to be a psychologist to recognize there is a direct correlation between overall well-being and giving of your time. I saw a lot of pictures from that day of service, and you know what? Everyone was smiling. Smiling because it feels good to give back. It feels good to serve others. 

So how about you? What can you do today to shine a light in your community? Maybe no one else will even know you did it. 

Who cares? ExaCares. And when I say ExaCares, I mean that we care 10 to the power of 18.

Want to work for a company that cares? Join our team!

We’re always looking for the best and brightest. There’s work to be done — let’s do it together. Read more about what makes us tick, and check out our openings.

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