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Igniting Passion for Corporate Communications: My Exabeam Internship Experience

July 21, 2023


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Pipeline is just a utility right? This is what I used to think. Before my marketing internship at Exabeam, I had no idea what corporate marketing entailed. My previous work experience consisted of cappuccinos, babysitting, and restaurant hostessing. I knew I needed real-world marketing experience to grow professionally. This internship not only provided me with a comprehensive understanding of marketing fundamentals, but also introduced me to the dynamic world of cybersecurity. In this blog post, I will share my valuable insights, with the projects I worked on, and the key takeaways from my internship at Exabeam.

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Igniting Passion for Corporate Communications: My Exabeam Internship Experience

Creative content design project

One of the notable projects I worked on during my internship was the creative content design project. I was tasked with designing social cards for a variety of Exabeam articles. Initially, I thought that my creativity alone would make this project a piece of cake. However, I soon realized that being a successful content designer requires attention to detail and diligence. I had the opportunity to work closely with Sr. Communication Designer Marina Swanson and Creative Director Lauren Swanson, who mentored me on the importance of text sizes, color aesthetics, and line spacing. This project opened my eyes to the significant role social cards play in marketing, as they serve as the first impression for potential readers.

To effectively create these social cards, I was introduced to Canva, a powerful design tool used by designers worldwide. Although it was my first time using Canva, I quickly discovered  its extensive range of tools. One particularly helpful feature was the graphing tool, which allowed me to align elements on the social card with precision. This soon became my most useful tool, enabling me to produce high-quality social cards much more efficiently. 

Demand generation projects

In addition to the creative content project, I undertook a project for the demand generation team at Exabeam. For the project, VP of Demand Generation Skip Rudolf assigned my fellow ExaTern Julia and me the task of examining our competitors’ webinars and comparing them to those featured on the Exabeam LinkedIn page. I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to tap into my creativity once again. As I explored competitors’ LinkedIn pages, I noticed the varying tones and styles, ranging from informative and professional to informal and casual. This research motivated me to dig deeper into what sets Exabeam apart and understand its unique value proposition. 

Social media LinkedIn project

One of the most exciting projects during my internship was the social media project for the corporate marketing department. As a Communications major, I was excited for us ExaTerns to contribute to this aspect of marketing. Our task was to improve engagement and expand the reach of Exabeam via LinkedIn by analyzing competitors’ LinkedIn profiles. This project, similar to previous projects, made me use a critical eye. I took the role of envisioning myself as a potential customer, evaluating what content would resonate with me and how Exabeam could improve its LinkedIn presence. In The final stretch of this project, I received valuable guidance from VP of Corporate Marketing Larissa Gaston, who offered  insights into social media fundamentals and acted as a sounding board for my ideas. Larissa helped me understand more about social media retention and differences in the top platforms. After this project, I began to consider that social media and corporate marketing might be the place for me.

PR 101

I also had the opportunity to join In a PR 101 Zoom call, where I gained a deeper understanding of public relations. This resonated with me personally, as my mom owns a public relations firm. This Zoom call led to the biggest “aha” moment of my entire internship. I was finally starting to understand what leads to successful public relations. The lecture highlighted the goals of the PR team, including raising executive profiles and building brand credibility through campaigns and influencer pitching. The experience shed light on successful PR practices and connected with my involvement in campaigns through the Public Relations Student Society of America. 

Speed dating with Ally Stinchfield

Throughout this internship, I had the privilege of talking to a variety of professionals. One notable discussion was with Sr. Director of Communications and Customer Advocacy Ally Stinchfield. I learned about her journey to her current position and what her role entails. Our conversation delved into the direct and indirect impacts of public relations, such as reputation, third-party endorsements, share of voice, sales, site traffic, and investor perception. I also learned more about how press releases get into newsrooms and journalists’ hands. These interactions further solidified my interest in the fascinating field of public relations .


As I conclude this internship, I have an immense amount of gratitude and appreciation for the Exabeam marketing team. I am coming away from these six weeks with a deeper understanding of the corporate marketing world. This internship allowed me to explore the many facets of marketing through projects, informative calls, and continuous exposure. Prior to this internship, I didn’t understand marketing and it felt like a foreign language. My time as an ExaTern  cultivated an immense interest in corporate communications and public relations, and I am excited to continue pursuing  this career. 

I hope that after reading this, you will take a step forward in your career path and stay curious and open to new opportunities.

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A Transformative Journey: My Internship Experience at Exabeam

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