Exabeam welcomes chief strategy officer Gorka Sadowski

Why I Joined Exabeam

September 30, 2020


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I am very happy to announce that I am joining Exabeam as their chief strategy officer. I have known and observed Exabeam for five years now, and the combination of an awesome team, product and market is why I made the jump back to vendorland.

First off, the team is awesome. Rarely have I seen such a combination of strategic acumen and execution capabilities. Their vision and market understanding has been spot on throughout the different phases of the cybersecurity market’s lifecycle, and execution has been flawless. I first met with Exabeam in 2014 while running business development for Splunk. I invited them to launch at Splunk’s Partner Pavilion at Splunk .conf, and they emerged as the most promising organization in the security analytics space. This was confirmed and cemented while at Gartner through strategic engagements starting in 2017. Consistently, they say what they do, they do what they say, and their investments reflect that approach. This is how Exabeam builds their trusted relationships with their clients, prospects, partners and press/analysts.

Then, the product is awesome. Before Exabeam, SIEM tools were monolithic monsters with poor TCO. Exabeam pioneered a different approach. It is not about speeds and feeds anymore. It is not about managing data anymore. It is about taking an outcome-based approach, connecting data, and unlocking its value with security analytics and automation. Exabeam’s solutions are modular, easy to consume, and run on top of any stack, regardless of your architecture. They are not tied to storage requirements and typical SIEM data management duties, but rather aligned to use cases and actioned/actionable insights. 

For example, Exabeam was the first vendor in this space to reliably provide such use cases as insider threat, privileged account management and data exfiltration. No need for complex agents to deploy and manage, and no need for a cumbersome data management effort. The data exists somewhere in your organization? Just point that data to Exabeam, and it will make sense of it and deliver on the insights you are looking for. As a result, today Exabeam protects organizations of all sizes and maturity levels, from small to large, from the ones with a part-time IT person, all the way to those with SOCs manned by hundreds of security analysts and incident responders. 

Finally, the market opportunity is awesome. Investments have shifted from preventative measures to a more balanced approach around prevention as well as detection and response. The market is further aligning to the concept of the customer journey with an iterative and continuous improvement model. It is not only about buying a log management solution or a SIEM tool anymore; it is also about offering a path for easy consumption of the use cases that you need today, with the ability to grow and mature your posture by intentionally switching on new use cases, based on your requirements and appetite. Exabeam also sells a Gartner Magic Quadrant-leading SIEM if that is what you need. This allows Exabeam to consistently deliver demonstrable value, day after day, and keep customers happy for life.

I would be remiss if I didn’t make a call to arms. First to partners — come and join our ecosystem. You will have access to one of the best underlying platforms to develop high-value-add use cases for your customers. Truly breakthrough – see the work achieved for FEMSA, for example. Exabeam enabled them to consistently achieve their SLA for mean time to respond (MTTR) for the first time, for example by offering same-day detection and response on zero-day exploits, and reducing the time it takes to threat hunt by 80%.

Then, a shout out to “talent.” We want to talk to you. Yes, you! You know us, and you know where we’re going. Are you interested? If so, reach out, tell us what you have in mind, and let’s chat.

And finally, a big thanks to Exabeam customers. The best is yet to come…let’s do it!


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