Exabeam Announces Cybersecurity Scholarship Winners for 2022, Sponsored by ExaGals - Exabeam

Exabeam Announces Cybersecurity Scholarship Winners for 2022, Sponsored by ExaGals

December 19, 2022


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Exabeam is excited to announce our 2022 Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship winners. Sponsored by ExaGals this year, we received more than over 100 scholarship applicants from college women around the country. After much deliberation by our judges, we have selected the two winners!

Eunice Agyemang-Amoako

Congratulations Eunice Agyemang-Amoako!

Our first-place winner is Eunice Agyemang-Amoako, a rising senior studying cybersecurity at Monroe College in Rochester, New York. She’s always been interested in computers, but it wasn’t until high school that she really started learning about cybersecurity and how it could help protect people online. Her passion for cybersecurity has grown ever since, leading her to pursue an education in the field. Eunice is awarded $10,000 toward her studies and a paid summer 2023 internship at Exabeam.

Naomi Hardy-Nje

Congratulations Naomi Hardy-Njie!

Our second-place prize goes to Naomi Hardy-Njie, a 4.0 high school graduate on her way to the University of California, San Francisco to study computer science. Naomi receives $5,000 toward her studies.

Both women are thrilled to win and look forward to pursuing their degrees and making a difference by sharing their contributions to the cybersecurity field. 

Despite making up nearly half of the working population, women still represent less than 25% of the cybersecurity workforce. Fear of not fitting in and post-pandemic pressures often rank as some of the most common reasons women do not pursue careers in the industry. Exabeam looks to make a difference with this year’s scholarship winners by giving women more exposure to the many opportunities in cybersecurity. 

ExaGals, an Exabeam employee resource group, focuses on supporting and empowering the women of Exabeam, as well as women in the technology community at large, with career development, education, and personal growth opportunities. This year, the group sponsored the 2022 Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship Program. The qualifications included women studying cybersecurity, computer science, or a related field who want to explore a career in cybersecurity.

It’s clear that to defend our organizations better from cybercriminals, nation-states, and other adversaries, we need new perspectives in the cybersecurity world. Women are vastly underrepresented, which means women’s views and solutions to the problems at hand may not be part of the discussion. According to Forbes, when private tech companies are run by women, they render a 35% higher return on investment than those run by men. Time and time again, women continue to prove their value — more diversity at all levels of industry helps organizations achieve better outcomes.

Thank you to all the amazing women who submitted entries into the scholarship program. We wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do next!

Want to work for a company that cares? Join our team!

If you’re interested in working at Exabeam, read more about what makes us tick and check out the current job listings on our website. If we don’t have any roles that suit you right now, keep checking back. We’re also proud to offer resources for anyone interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. Learn about Exabeam Cyberversity, a philanthropic effort designed to help aspiring cybersecurity professionals navigate career options and increase industry-wide diversity through knowledge sharing and networking.

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