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Protecting the Healthcare Industry with Security Intelligence

As Exabeam’s representative to the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), I’d like to highlight the recent legislative brief entitled “Hacking Healthcare in 2016: Lessons the Healthcare Industry can Learn from the OPM Breach.” The paper provides an analysis of the impact that cybercrime can have on the healthcare sector, as well as approaches to improve security and resiliency. For those who don’t work in the federal sector, the OPM breach has had considerable impact[…]

Topics: Compliance, SECURITY

Cyber Insurance, User Behavior Intelligence and Lower Costs

Buying Cyber Insurance We’ve all read articles about companies that had a lot of costs associated with a data breach but in the same paragraph we see that the company had data breach insurance that offset some portion of the cost. Risk is bad for business. When it comes to risk, business take two approaches—mitigate and transfer. Buying insurance is risk transfer to an insurance company. Actuary tables have been around since the 1700s. Data[…]