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Threat Hunting

Point-and-click search for threat hunting.

Learn more about behavior-based threat hunting via a point-and-click interface.

An easy, point-and-click interface

Traditional threat queries require an analyst to learn a query language. Exabeam has a point-and-click interface that simplifies the process of creating complex search queries.


Work with completed incident timelines

Threat hunting requires investigations to interpret suspicious activity. Exabeam returns machine-built incident timelines as search results, outlining normal and anomalous activity that happened around the threat.

Threat hunt using the MITRE ATT&CK framework

As attackers incorporate new techniques, threat hunting becomes more difficult. Exabeam operationalizes MITRE ATT&CK. Drop-down menus simplify an analyst’s search for tactics and techniques across users and devices.

Security alert ID-based search

The starting point for many security investigations is an alert ID. With Exabeam, searching for an alert ID produces machine-built incident timelines that quickly provide context and situational awareness.

The Exabeam Resource Library

Learn more about the Exabeam platform and information security with our collection of white papers, podcasts, webinars and more.

Tired of expert-only languages, and manual investigations?

Most reported breaches involved lost or stolen credentials. How can you keep pace?

Exabeam supports the hard work of threat hunting with industry-leading analytics, patented anomaly detection, and Smart Timelines to help teams pinpoint the actions that lead to exploits.

Whether you need a SIEM replacement, a legacy SIEM modernization with XDR, Exabeam offers advanced, modular, and cloud-delivered TDIR.

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