Exabeam Threat Hunter

Point and click search for potential threats.

Easy-To-Use Point-And-Click Interface

The Threat Hunter point-and-click interface simplifies the process of creating complex search queries. Now anyone in the SOC can easily develop quick searches that may be extremely difficult or impossible using traditional querying.

Work With Completed Incident Timelines

Threat queries use the syntax of the SIEM — requiring an analyst with the right skills. Queries also return numerous logs, so when a threat is uncovered, the analyst must gather remaining evidence by pivoting and querying their SIEM. This involves manual steps that can take weeks. Threat Hunter is designed for all levels, providing automatic incident timelines instead of logs for rapid and proactive threat hunting.

Security Alert ID-Based Search

An alert ID such as from an anti-malware or DLP tools is the starting point for many security investigations. Often the result of such a search produces a complex sea of event logs. With Threat Hunter, entering an alert ID or IP address produces an automatic timeline of events showing how the security incident unfolded — for complete situational awareness of the threat.

“Exabeam has made my Tier 1 team more effective.”

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