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Episode 16: From the ‘Basement’ to the Board: Giving Cybersecurity Teams Greater Visibility

This episode sees Rubrik CISO, Rinki Sethi, talk about the challenges some security teams face when the organizations they’re meant to protect bury them so deep inside their organizational structure, that they end up having to compete for resources and visibility with other departments.

Cybersecurity is in the news almost every day, so why then do some organizations still stick their security teams in a basement, only to be rolled out when their expertise is needed. IN some cases, security is buried so deep within the organization that it has to start competing with other departments for visibility and budget.

Diversity in the workplace

Sometimes being the only woman in the class or the office can work to your advantage. Being able to provide that thought diversity can really work well for women in the workplace. Having a fresh perspective and ideas brings a well-rounded view to the task at hand and empowers you to build a diverse team.

Listen as Steve and Rinki discuss:

  • Technical expertise, imperative or not?
  • Company structure and guarding against burying your security team
  • Reporting risk in a proactive manner
  • Psychology and user behavior

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More About Rinki Sethi

Rinki Sethi, VP & CISO at Rubrik, is an information security executive known for change, technical and thought leadership across security and enablement disciplines. She is a veteran in the cyber security domain and throughout her career has built and matured technical security teams across security operations, product security, application security, security architecture, and security strategy within the Fortune 500 and other large enterprises including IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Intuit, eBay,, and Pacific Gas & Electric. Rinki holds several recognized security certifications and has a B.S. in Computer Science Engineering from UC Davis and a M.S. in Information Security from Capella University.