Exabeam SaaS Cloud Free Trial

SaaS Cloud Free Trial

Are you ready to trial Exabeam SaaS Cloud? Whether you’re looking to augment or replace your current SIEM, or looking to get started with a SIEM for the first time, we have a solution that’s right for you. See for yourself how we can help your analysts work more efficiently.

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Full product functionality

Experience the Exabeam Security Management Platform using your own logs to understand exactly how we help organizations like yours reduce the time it takes to detect, investigate, and respond by 51% (Source: Exabeam SIEM Productivity Report 2019).

Expert Guidance

Our team will be on-hand to ensure you get the best from the solution, with regular check-ins from our experts, and helpful in-product assistance (no annoying cartoon icons asking you if you’re trying do something though, we promise).

Operational from Day One

Quickly ingest the data sources for your trial use cases, like insider threats, compromised credentials and phishing. Unlike other SIEM vendors’ free trials, we don’t start the clock until your logs are loaded and you’re ready to go. You won’t lose time waiting for data to start flowing.

Cloud-hosted in global locations

A private environment that’s all yours during the period of your trial

Plenty of time to experience full product functionality

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