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The New CISO Podcast Episode 50: Why Teams Fail: Building Resilience Into Your Security Program and Culture

On this special episode, originally recorded at RSA Conference 2021, Steve welcomes back Dave Damato, CSO at Gemini and Sandro Bucchianeri, CISO at the ABsa Group, to talk about an element of success and resilience that leaders don’t always consider or prioritize: people

What does failure look like?

Does failure always come in the form of a serious event   or is it an erosive, lingering vulnerability? Sandro and Dave talk about why people fail and what impact human resilience has on program success, and how leaders can hire for and nurture a more resilient team.

Dave, Sandro and Steve also tackle topics like:

  • Understanding what good looks like, in order to measure success
  • Responding to and learning from failure
  • Nurturing a diverse and engaged team

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More about our guests:

David Damato is Gemini’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), where he leads a security program with a tradition of building and pioneering world-class security solutions to secure the future of money. Prior to joining Gemini, Damato served as Chief Security Officer at Tanium, where he was responsible for building and leading a team that engineered unique security solutions to help protect government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and banks around the world. He was also an early member of the leadership team at Mandiant, a premier cybersecurity firm that was later acquired by FireEye. He has also held roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Raytheon.

Sandro Bucchianeri serves as CISO of the ABSA group. With over two decades of experience, with the last 12 years at the executive level, he has worked with large multinational organizations, managed globally dispersed teams and successfully delivered strategic, transformational programs virtually. Apart from his Risk & Securities and Legal & Compliance nous, he is an innovator and strategically-minded leader at heart. Sandro plays an integral role in the World Economic Forum’s Cybersecurity working group and on the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Board of Advisors.

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