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The New CISO Podcast Episode 40: Balance Budget and Tools by Rationalizing Your Security Stack

On this episode we headed in a slightly different direction, speaking to Gorka Sadowski, Chief Strategy Officer at Exabeam.

Now, while our show is vendor agnostic, we thought having Gorka Sadowski, as a former analyst, would be a great way for our listeners to get a unique perspective from someone who spent years looking at the industry as a whole.

Building Trust as a Vendor

Gorka also shares his thoughts on how CISOs can leverage trust with a vendor to strengthen their own security posture, and what teams can do to cut through some of the BS vendors are flooding the market with.

Steve and Gorka also hit on topics like:

  • The cybersecurity pitch problem
  • The lasting effects of Covid-19
  • The relationship between CISO and vendor and,
  • The what, why and how of cybersecurity

More about Gorka Sadowski

Gorka is Chief Strategy Officer at Exabeam. In his role, he assists the executive team and functional leaders across the company with developing, communicating, executing and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives. Gorka has spent the last 30 years in security with experience spanning leadership roles across product management, sales, marketing and operations. Most recently, Gorka was senior director and security and risk management analyst at Gartner driving coverage for SIEM, SOC, and managed detection and response (MDR), while also leading research for IT leaders on emerging topics.

Prior to Gartner, Gorka led business development at Splunk where he established and built the Splunk security ecosystem. Prior to Splunk, he established a presence for LogLogic in Southern Europe, ran security activities for Unisys in France and launched the first partner-led intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) in the industry as lead for NetScreen’s Emerging Technology efforts. A certified CISSP, Gorka received a computer science degree from Universite de Pau in France before moving to the U.S. as a Ph.D. candidate in network security at the University of Miami.

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