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The New CISO Podcast Episode 37: 2021 Cybersecurity Trends

On this all-star show, Steve invites previous guests Deneen Defiore from United Airlines, Charlie McNerney from Expedia, and Colin Anderson from Levi’s back for our very first live recording of The New CISO Podcast; to talk all things 2021.

Looking Back and Planning Ahead

2020’s been a year of lightning-fast changes and security teams have had to adapt to a business and threat landscape in flux. Our guests share how they’ve tackled the challenges of the year, which tools and strategies worked well for them and give us insights into what they’ll be doubling down on in 2021 and where they see things changing.

Recorded live, the show is available to stream on YouTube, and you can also listen to the episode here. If you found it interesting, remember to rate, review and subscribe to get new episodes as soon as they drop.

Listen to the full show here; and if you found it interesting, remember to rate, review and subscribe to get new episodes as soon as they drop.

More About our Guests

Deneen DeFiore is vice president and chief information security officer for United Airlines. In this role, Deneen is responsible for shaping United’s cybersecurity strategy to ensure the company is prepared to prevent, detect, react and respond to evolving cyber threats.

Colin Anderson is Vice President of Information Technology, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Levi Strauss & Co. In this role he manages an international team responsible for information risk management, regulatory compliance, information privacy, and IT enterprise risk management.

Charlie McNerney is Expedia Group’s Chief Information Security Officer and CSO. As the CISO for Expedia Group, Charlie is responsible for global enterprise-wide information security, Data, Regulatory and Privacy compliance, along with our business continuity efforts. Charlie leads a global team of security professionals with a strategic focus on information protection.

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