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The New CISO Podcast Episode 25: Determining Risk Tolerance for a 100-Million-User per Month Organization

On this episode, Steve speaks to Chris Hymes, CISO and Head of Enterprise IT for Riot Games, about acceptable risk, the parallels between anti-cheat teams and threat hunting, and the benefit of sharing intelligence between competitors.

You Can’t Have Nerd Cool and Not Have Human Cool

In general, the cybersecurity industry has no shortage of “cool nerds,” but if you really want people to buy into your message, to follow you, the human angle, or empathy, is key. Being able to show people that you care about more than just their technical skills is a leadership skill that sets some apart from others.

On this show, Chris and Steve also talk about:

  • How the cybersecurity might feel underappreciated
  • The negative buzz around Zoom video calling and security
  • Building your own fibre network for better user experience
  • Understanding that risk is always present, and how to manage that

More about Christopher Hymes

Chris is the CISO and Head of Enterprise IT for Riot Games, developer of games like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant. Every month over 100 million people across the world log in to play one of Riot’s games. At Riot, Chris is accountable for everything from corporate to product security, data privacy and compliance, and provides many of the enterprise tools and technologies that help Rioters develop their games. Prior to Riot, Chris was the Director of Security for Hulu where he was accountable for their global information security program.

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