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The New CISO Podcast Episode 18: Losing Your Job as a CISO: Does the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Extend to Executives?

This episode is an open, honest discussion with Port Houston CISO and US Navy vet, Chris Wolski about his experiences after being let go from his previous position; and the challenges he faced landing his next job.

Chris lays it all out on the table and shares useful tips and tools for avoiding the ‘rut’ and getting back out there.

It’s rare to talk about cybersecurity without at some point, mentioning the skills shortage. Does that extend all the way to executive leadership though? On this episode, Steve talks to Chris Wolski about the challenges that come with finding new employment as a cybersecurity executive, and the tools he used to land his next job.

The day you lose your job

Losing your job to many can come as a complete shock, maybe even more so when you’re in a position of power such as an executive role. Sometimes you don’t even get a clear picture of why you are being let go, and that can make it difficult to correct that behavior in the future.

Listen as Chris and Steve talk about:

  • “What could I have done differently?”
  • Moving forward and staying positive
  • The importance of building and maintaining relationships

More About Chris Wolski

Chris Wolski is currently the CISO of The Port of Houston, and has served as a chief information security officer responsible for information security, industrial cybersecurity, compliance, and data privacy programs for multi-billion Dollar companies. A U.S. Navy Veteran, Chris was responsible for managing information security operations involving multinational organizations; and he holds an MBA and Bachelor of Science Degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland.

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