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The New CISO Podcast Episode 17: Your First 90 Days As A New CISO

So you're starting your job as a first-time CISO and there's already a security team in place; with their own habits, personalities and procedures... now what?

Listen as Olivia Rose talks about lessons she learned as a new CISO and tools she developed to build strong relationships with her new team.

What do you do when, as a leader, you inherit a team with established roles, procedures, and personalities? For a successful transition you can’t just run in ‘guns a blazing’, expecting people to come around to your way of thinking just because you have a title. What tools can you use to connect with your team, step up as their leader and ultimately work together to protect the organization you serve?

Initial concerns and new challenges

Going from consulting into a leadership position requires you to take on a new level of responsibility. You take that leap of having more permanence in the position but also now having to lead a team of other security professionals. Olivia’s perspective is unique in that she was not only a new CISO but also the first CISO at MailChimp. This unique position came with high expectations but also a rewarding sense of accomplishment when goals are being reached.

Listen as Steve and Olivia chat about:

  • Gaining trust as a new CISO
  • Early wins in the first 90 days

More About Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose is the CISO at Mailchimp, with more than 16 years experience in security advising and consulting executives and C-Level clients. She’s held multiple leadership positions, including at IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) and Solutionary (NTT).

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