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The New CISO Podcast Episode 14: Why 3rd Party Security Testing is the New Password Rotation

On this episode, Chris Castaldo, #CISO of Dataminr and US Army Veteran, and Stephen Moore, speak plainly about the challenges of leadership early on in your career, and call out some of the more... intrusive aspects of third party security testing.

As professionals, how do we streamline our transition into leadership, and once we’re there, how can we empower those we lead to keep doing what they love without wearing them down? To that point, are there self-imposed hoops we’re making our security teams jump through just to say we’ve “ticked a box?”

Identifying and preventing burnout in the workplace

Burnout is a common occurrence in any industry, but especially among those looking to carve out their place. No one works well when they aren’t at their best, identifying burnout early on can stop it in its tracks. If you’re noticing someone is acting out of character or being short, they may be experiencing burnout. Another tell can be the hours you’re seeing someone put in, no one should be up at midnight still working.

Chris also shares his expertise on:

  • Transitioning into leadership
  • Third party risk and why we don’t love it
  • Warning signs of a bad third party review

More About Chris Castaldo

Chris Castaldo is the Chief Information Security officer at Dataminr, and is a transformational cybersecurity executive who’s built cybersecurity functions and teams at startups, telecommunication cloud providers, Edtech companies, and also worked at the National Security Agency solving some of the most challenging national cybersecurity issues. Chris is also a US Army Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, and he currently resides with his family in Maryland.

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