The New CISO Podcast Episode 56: Leading Cybersecurity as a Key Business Driver - Exabeam

The New CISO Podcast Episode 56: Leading Cybersecurity as a Key Business Driver

On this episode, Steve and Dr. Tim Proffitt, CISO at Insperity.,talk about why he jumped at the chance of becoming a professor, other potential “next steps” for CISOs looking for their next challenge and how he makes sure the security organization acts as a business-enabler, not the opposite.

Building Security Into Sales

Tim mentions how he developed a feel good security packet that outlines security processes and measures, to an extent. The sales team and liaisons can hand this out to help make people comfortable and you can build out a template that will answer most of the questions coming at your industry. 

Tim and Steve also talk about:

  • Networking, mentors and career arcs
  • Where CISOs don’t get enough credit
  • What cybersecurity as an industry misses or could do better
  • Which credentials to let go of, and which will continue to spark joy

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More about Tim Proffitt

Dr. Tim Proffitt is a cybersecurity leader and published author with over 30 years of experience in the technology field. Dr. Tim has earned over 25 industry certifications and has experience in all manner of technology security, infrastructure, forensics, compliance, risk management, and security awareness. Dr. Tim’s current research interest focuses on maturity models, disaster recovery, malicious insiders, and digital forensics. Dr. Tim is a graduate of the SANS Institute and his hobbies include being an adjunct professor, restoring cars from the 1970 and 80s, golf and SCUBA.

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