Meet the ExaGals

Meet a Selection of the ExaGals Program Members

Larissa Gaston

Senior Director, Corporate Marketing

Sarah Martin

Community Content Developer

Yumi Nishiyama

Director of Global Services

Hera Huang

Software Engineer

Mission and Purpose

The ExaGals first began as an initiative driven by Nir Polak, our CEO and co-founder, when he selected a handful of women at Exabeam to help forge the company culture. Over time, our mission has grown. Today, ExaGals looks to support and empower the women of Exabeam, as well as women in the technology community at large, with career development, education and personal growth opportunities. Learn more about the ExaGals here.

Life as an ExaGal

Wonder what it’s like to be an ExaGal? We asked a few of our members to share their ExaGals experience and why the group is important to them—words that stood out: diversity, inclusion, development, community, and fun. As Exabeam continues to grow, so will ExaGals. The takeaway: cultivate a space that embraces creativity and development, and have a little bit (or a lot) of fun while doing it.

ExaGals is Driven by Community

Behind every great initiative is a group of powerful people that want to give back. The ExaGals take volunteerism seriously. You can find these ladies at the food bank, doing arts and crafts with children, or riding on the back of a pickup truck to help harvest fruits and vegetables.

Stepping outside of their day to day routines to give back to the community is a value each ExaGal shares. Volunteering is always a humbling experience that brings each ExaGal closer to their community and each other.