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The New CISO Podcast Episode 22: How Do You Measure the Success of Your Cybersecurity Program?

On this episode, Cisco Cloud Security CISO, Marzena Fuller, talks about the consulting world vs traditional CISO roles; and the different elements that add to the success of a cybersecurity program.

How do you measure the overall success of a security program? Are maturity and compliance two sides of the same coin, or should they be considered separate from one another… additionally, does investment directly correlate with the effectiveness of a cybersecurity program?

The Power of Empathy in Communication

To be an effective communicator you must be able to put yourself in the position of other executives including CEOs, CFOs, and other critical positions. If you cannot relay information to them in a format they relate to, a problem can easily turn into a crisis in the time it might take to communicate its seriousness.

Listen as Steve and Marzena talk about:

  • Making the leap from consulting to in-house
  • Tying your own success back to business risk
  • Beyond compliance

More About Marzena Fuller

Marzena Fuller is the CISO at Cisco Cloud Security. She’s responsible for setting security vision and strategy in key areas, including product security, security operations, risk, and compliance. Marzena previously served as CSO at SignalFx, responsible for developing and implementing the company’s security and compliance strategy; and held security leadership roles at other cloud native and agile companies, including Databricks and Sumologic.

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