Exabeam has already proven operationally successful with customers, such as a large national grocery chain and a bank, in its first year. Exabeam's clients have found external attackers on their networks and detected data breaches similar to those that hit the retail industry in 2014 at an early stage. The software runs largely off-the-shelf with minimal tuning.

Threats are going unnoticed

SIEM technologies today aren’t capable of detecting subtle anomalies and tracking entire attack chains — missing threats and flooding you with false positives.

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“User behavior analytics is transforming security and fraud management practices because it makes it much easier for enterprises to gain visibility into user behavior patterns to find offending actors and intruders.”

Gartner, Market Guide for User Behavior Analytics, Avivah Litan, Mark Nicolett, August 25, 2014

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Introducing User
Behavior Intelligence


By combining session tracking, behavior analysis and risk scoring, we help you automatically detect cyber attacks and improve operational security efficiencies.

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“Where Exabeam brings immense value is in identifying what we’re not looking for by understanding ‘normal’ user behavior and alerting us when network activity deviates from that baseline.”

Colin Anderson, vice president of information technology and chief information security officer at Safeway