User Behavior Analytics

Shine a Light on Modern Cyberthreats

The Problem

Existing security products can’t help security teams detect and effectively respond to insider threats and advanced cyber attacks that use valid, stolen credentials.


The Result

Missed Attacks

SOC Staff Shortages

Long, Manual Investigations

Does this sound familiar?

User Behavior Analytics

UBA analyzes actual behavior to determine risk and inform overburdened security analysts about potential attacks and how to respond to them.
Done correctly, UBA adds a powerful analytics layer over existing SIEM systems, detecting new attacks, prioritizing incidents, and guiding a more effective response.

Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor

Exabeam for UBA

Exabeam is the only UBA solution with Stateful User Tracking™, allowing you to:

See Value Immediately

We focus on user identity and access activity within your existing log data

No agents, no taps, dramatically simplified UBA

Catch Attacks Early

We automatically unify all user activity across all credentials, devices, and IPs

Connects the dots and fills in the outline

Turbocharge SOC Teams

We create an activity timeline to guide fast and effective response from SOC analysts

Ensure that every affected system is clean

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