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    Catch insider threats and imposters that elude other security products.
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Why Exabeam for UEBA?

Cyber threats are not only growing—they’re changing. And they continue to change once they’re inside your network. Ugh. You need Exabeam User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) because only we detect them before they compromise security. Because our automated, intelligent approach to UEBA makes your security team faster, smarter, and more productive. And because you can have it right now. Try Us
  • User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

    Exabeam’s unique session data model enables you to find lateral movement, privilege escalation, and other signals of modern attacks. Exabeam UEBA finds the entire scope of an attack -- all machines affected – so that you can rid your network of hackers.
  • Threat Hunting and Insider Threat

    Exabeam Threat Hunter gives you powerful search, pivot, and drill-down capability, to find user sessions that match any combination of attributes and activities. Now you can proactively find and contain adversaries on your network.
  • Accelerate Incident Investigation

    Does any organization have all the security expertise it needs? SOC and IR teams are stretched thin with too many alerts. Exabeam presents an end to end security story that shows exactly how an attack is unfolding, so that your teams can respond in seconds, not days.

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User Behavior Intelligence Strategy
Colin Anderson
VP IT, CSO, Safeway

“We were informed by our security consultants that they have spotted a bunch of our company’s employee records on the paste bin website. Our first thought – this is obviously the result of a data breach due to unauthorized access...

User Behavior Intelligence Strategy
Chris Hymes
Director of Information Security, Hulu

“It wasn’t that we didn’t have the logs; we had those. But they were in many divergent locations, and it took our analysts lots of time to actually dig into those logs and find them and put a story together. With Exabeam, it actually provides us with a story."


Air date: August 18, 2016
(ISC)² Security Briefing: The Evolving Nature of Ransomware Attacks
Ryan Benson, Sr. Threat Researcher, Exabeam; Brandon Dunlap, (ISC)²
Air date: July 21, 2016
(ISC)² Security Briefing: Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack
Air date: June 23, 2016
Applying Data Science to User and Entity Behavior Analytics
Air date: May 19, 2016
How to Leverage Behavioral Analytics to Reduce Insider Threat

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July 5, 2016
First Look: Exabeam Threat Hunter

We seem to be getting a lot of threat analysis tools lately. Each one seems to approach the problem of cyberthreat analysis a bit differently from its peers. Some are good at response – after-the-fact analysis and future prevention. Some are good at spotting trends in malicious activity that suggest a bot, malware, hacker or whatever. Read the article

July 5, 2016
Exabeam’s CEO Brings Speedy Analytics, Teamwork To Fight Against Ransomware

Exabeam is taking a two-fisted approach to the fight against ransomware. It is bringing together speedy analytics with a strong collation of willing security vendors. IDN talks with Exabeam CEO Nir Polak. Read the article

June 28, 2016
New Case Study: BBCN Bank Uses Exabeam to Detect Lateral Movement

Headquartered in Los Angeles, for more than 30 years BBCN Bank has been serving the largest Korean community in the U.S., as well as a diverse mix of customers in over 59 full-service branches and Loan Production Offices throughout the nation. Read the article

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