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Preventing Insider Threats with UEBA

Learn how a user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solution can detect insider threats early to prevent data loss.

The scope of insider threats is much larger and more difficult to identify than most CIOs imagine. Insider threats are, most commonly, malicious activity against an organization that comes from users with legitimate access to an organization’s network, though the term can also refer to users who unintentionally cause harm to the business.

Insider threats can come from a wide variety of users within the network — including current and former employees, third parties, students, and interns — who might have inappropriate access rights. Often they accumulate rights, but rarely lose them, resulting in long-term users who can access systems they don’t need for their current jobs, or ex-employees who still have access to sensitive applications or servers remotely.

Read the white paper and learn how to:

  • Identify early patterns of risky behavior to prevent loss of sensitive data
  • Detect signals originating in multiple places that point to a malicious insider
  • Deploy automation and machine learning  to identify and evaluate insider threats

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