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Announcing Exabeam Advanced Analytics Version 3.3

November 29, 2017


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We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the latest version of Exabeam Advanced Analytics (AA), our User and Entity Behavior Analytics solution.  Advanced Analytics version 3.3 helps our customers:

  • Obtain deeper insight into user activity
  • Streamline workflows across multiple Exabeam solutions
  • Leverage their own data science algorithms for analytics

Exabeam Advanced Analytics Version 3.3 Key features

  • Dynamic Peer Groupingcapability examines a user’s behavior compared to their active directory (AD) peers helps understand more complex anomalies and also reduces false positives.
  • Native AA to IR IntegrationAdvanced Analytics can now seamlessly integrate with Exabeam Incident Responder (IR) whereby key session data can be pushed to IR automatically to create incidents for further investigations and remediation.
  • Daily Activity ChangeWith a brand new Daily Activity Change detection algorithm, we apply data science techniques to look at incremental changes day to day based on changes in event types and volume.
  • Personal Email DetectionA new data science approach in this release helps identify employees engaging in sensitive data exfiltration to personal email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This algorithm goes beyond simple string matching by leveraging user activity and behavior to determine which email accounts belong to what users.
  • Machine Learning SDK The new Machine Learning SDK enables you to Bring Your Own Data Science, leverage the data sets within AA’s analytics engine and augment behavioral detection with your own algorithms. This SDK also includes a bi-directional RESTful API for easy, programmatic access.

Why Should You Upgrade to Exabeam AA V3.3?

  • Cutting Edge Detection – Version 3.3 enables you to detect complex anomalous and malicious behavior that would stay under the radar otherwise
  • Proven Quality – AA version 3.3 has gone through rigorous QA as well as early installs/upgrades at key customer sites
  • Security Updates – Several critical vulnerability patches and fixes are included in version 3.3

A note quick note on upgrading and support:

  • Customers on version 2.7 will need to be upgraded to v3.2 or v3.3 to continue to support and provided the latest patches needed. All Exabeam AA software are supported for a period of 12 months. Version 2.7 (I27) became GA on 01/14/17.
  • Version 2.7 will be supported until 01/13/18.


Putting a Spotlight on Exabeam’s Data Science

Want to learn more about how Exabeam uses Data Science in our solutions? Read our Chief Data Scientist, Derek Lin’s blog on our new Machine Learning SDK and what it can do for you:

“As a security data scientist, I find Exabeam’s analytics platform does all the above well enough to tackle various use cases in the production system.  We are opening the analytics platform up with a machine learning (ML) SDK and a set of API so that external data scientists can enjoy the same level of ease in interacting with the value-enriched data.  Our goal of the ML SDK is to provide full access to Exabeam’s data lake and database.”

Read more here.


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