4 Benefits of Using Exabeam to Augment Your SIEM    

Benefits of Using Exabeam to Augment Your SIEM    

August 13, 2020


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Managing your organization’s security requires you to find the best tools for threat detection and response and to protect your data.

Technology has advanced but depending on what they support they have their limitations. Enter Exabeam Security Management Platform. Using our solutions, you can take your Splunk implementation to the next level by augmenting it with Exabeam, making it swifter and more effective than what you already have in place. Here are the benefits of using Exabeam to enhance your threat detection and response.

Improved threat detection

Exabeam boosts your threat detection to the next level, utilizing user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to provide advanced threat detection. UEBA uses machine learning to learn both user and machine behavior and track any changes to their normal behavior patterns. Over time, Exabeam creates behavior models that can detect anomalies and alert security investigators long before they pose a threat to your organization.

Exabeam uses UEBA to enhance your Splunk instance, prioritizing alerts so that your analysts can be more efficient in protecting your network. Alerts are chronologically ordered in smart timelines to make threats easy to spot so that investigators can quickly act on any issues. The tool also includes point-and-click threat hunting to let your analysts proactively search for incoming threats.


A sample Smart Timeline that shows a complete user behavior story enabling investigators topinpoint anomalous behavior and respond to security incidents faster
Figure 1: A sample Smart Timeline that shows a complete user behavior story enabling investigators topinpoint anomalous behavior and respond to security incidents faster.


Faster incident response

Detection is a very important first step in incident response. Once a threat has been detected by UEBA, Exabeam Advanced Analytics immediately begins gathering data and putting it together in the form of a Smart Timeline. This lets your analysts use SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) to begin to take action on the threat by easily tracking down exactly what happened.

Say your business suffers a phishing attack. Your analysts will get an alert, along with a Smart Timeline that they can review. They’ll not only see the attack itself, but the events leading up to and following it. You’ll be able to see the links that were in the email and research the reputation of the domain. At the same time, the user account’s network access is restricted to prevent further damage. Being able to quickly see what took place gives your analyst the information necessary to take action.

Extending security to the cloud

Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud-based solutions to conduct daily activities. Yet in many environments, Splunk is limited to local network activity. Exabeam can extend your protection using cloud connectors. This technology allows your Splunk instance to gather logs from dozens of cloud services, including Google, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services.

Not only do these cloud connectors gather information from cloud services, but they also adapt to any API changes, which means you’re always getting up-to-date protection against outsider threats. With the cloud connector tool, behavior analytics is hard at work, detecting any issues with the cloud services being accessed through your network each day.

Reduce storage costs

Exabeam Cloud Archive provides a low-cost, long term storage solution for log data. As many customers consume large swathes of their security budget to keep data online in hot storage, suffer through painfully slow search times, or resurrect their data from offline storage repositories to make it accessible. With Cloud Archive, customers can retain months, years, or decades of data in an online, searchable format that can be researched in minutes.

Each business’s environment is different, which is why your Exabeam deployment will be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. We can augment your existing security solutions to create better, more advanced threat protection for your business, its users, and its customers. For more in-depth information watch the full video here or refer the solution brief.

Contact us for a demo to see how you can augment your Splunk implementation with Exabeam. Visit Exabeam.com to request a demo.


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