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Exabeam: A Company and Platform that Puts Customers First

October 26, 2022


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Co-authored with Pri Ramachandran

Excited about the new Exabeam Security Operations Platform yet?! The Exabeam Customer Success (CS) team’s mission is to put our customers first, and our job is to deliver them an exceptional and seamless migration experience to the new platform. Read on to better understand our approach to help you on your migration journey to the new platform.

In this article:

Implementing a Customer-First strategy

Over the last year, Exabeam has made multiple investments in delivering an improved experience for our customers. This includes a new and revamped Customer Journey framework in which our CS teams help you onboard, deploy, adopt, and grow your Exabeam platform. The Exabeam Customer Journey is an all-hands-on-deck engagement model where all our teams, from our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to our executives, are focused on ensuring you achieve optimal operational efficiency while reaping the most value from your Exabeam investments. We utilize tools such as success plans, health checks, and dashboards to leverage data and insights as we collaborate with you to drive success at every phase of the life cycle.

We’ve also invested in growing our teams so we can help you when you need us the most. We added capacity across our global support function to quickly respond to you if issues arise by providing you with clear and actionable resolution when needed at any stage of your journey. This improved capacity also helps us meet the complex demands of our largest enterprise customers with more aggressive SLAs and better responsiveness. Our Professional Services team has not only expanded rapidly in the last few months, but also added newer methodologies as part of our best practices toolkit to help you achieve faster time-to-deploy.

Additionally, Exabeam Community is a great place to connect with other users to share information, help answer questions, and provide insights on tools and products. Our job in CS is to proactively deliver a positive customer experience by driving customer centricity across our operations and engagement model.

Accelerating adoption of the new platform among our customers

Our Customer-First strategy extends to enabling our existing customers to quickly take advantage of the advanced functionalities and capabilities that are now available with the new platform. Here’s what we’re focusing on for the next 6-9 months:

Upgrading existing SaaS customers

We have a proactive program to upgrade SaaS customers to the new cloud-scale platform. Upgrades are happening now and expected to continue through 2023. Your CSM or Account Manager will be in touch with you ahead of your scheduled upgrade time. 

Exabeam CS teams bring key value differentiators with a comprehensive program that supports customers through the upgrade to New-Scale SIEM™ . Key aspects of the upgrade program include:

  • Phased approach and timelines — Our upgrade plan will be done in a phased approach prioritizing customers based on a combination of risk-reduction and customer needs criteria. 
  • Carefully planned deployments — Curated, step-by-step guidance from Exabeam technical experts to directly support and partner with customers in this migration by:
    1. Reducing any disruption to production with migration in a parallel environment, resulting in minimal downtime
    2. Providing dedicated resources and best practice tools to accelerate the migration of customer custom content to the new platform
  • Post-migration adoption and support — After migration, our Customer Success and Adoption Engineering teams will engage directly with customers to maximize the value of the new capabilities offered. 
  • Technical skill building — With foundational and role-specific enablement courses to develop skills to use our new platform and ensure long-term organizational readiness. Exabeam Community has a list of enablement sessions and eLearning available to customers.

Migrating on-premises customers to the cloud

The process of migrating from on-prem to cloud is delicate. The superior functionality, scalability, and reliability of the new Exabeam cloud-native platform help make this easier and more predictable. Our team has extensive experience migrating customers to a cloud solution. Our security specialists and teams are available to guide your move to New-Scale SIEM, while leveraging the investments you have made to optimize the Exabeam solution to your security needs. 

As soon as you are ready, contact your Exabeam team and we will guide you through this process.

Building your success with Exabeam

In the last year, we’ve gained valuable insights about our services and customer needs, and have evaluated the key resources and services required to transform and mature their security operations. In response to that, we have been developing a powerful set of new service offerings to orchestrate the right resources and services at the right time with a proven customer success approach to help you get the most value from your solution.

The SIEM industry has been plagued with an overfocus on log ingestion. The reality is that value is only achieved when you capture the right fields from those logs, mine the security insights embedded in this data, and implement the right processes and actions to investigate and respond to incidents.

To enable our customers to achieve the right business and security outcomes, we have developed a set of service offerings that support customers at every stage of their journey. 

  1. Deployment Services to achieve accelerated initial time to value
  2. Adoption Services to recognize full value from the solution
  3. Platform Management to maintain a healthy platform and data pipeline
Building your success with Exabeam

Deployment Services

Customer need: Accelerated time-to-value

  • Fast data ingestion — capturing the right data into our common information model
  • Tune the system to the security outcomes desired — enable use cases, risk scoring, response actions, etc.
  • Quickly replace a legacy SIEM

Exabeam offerings

  • 5 standard deployment packages aligned with each of our products, guiding customers based on our experience across hundreds of deployments
  • Custom deployments: Ability to customize your deployment to your milestones and security priorities/needs

Adoption Services

Customer need: Recognize full value

  • Security Content Management — Tune security content, risk scores, and use cases; integrate with security operations center (SOC) workflows and playbooks
  • Enablement and Advisory — Advice on new use cases, process improvements, and coaching on best practices

Exabeam offerings

  • Core Adoption Plan — Clear prescriptive process to help customers maximize value on the original use case
  • Custom Adoption Services — Ongoing and customized plans for customers that advance the maturity and effectiveness of their security operations 

Platform Management

Customer need: Retain a healthy platform and data pipeline

  • Data Pipeline Management — Manage and sustain the data pipeline with data sources, parsers and event creation, as well as integrate new standard data sources, dashboards and reports
  • Platform Engineering — Empower customers to retain a healthy platform with platform performance and health. Plan and support platform upgrades and resolve issues with Exabeam Support

Exabeam offerings

  • Resident Engineers — Expert resources on our platform that drive platform management activities or augment your staff performing these services
  • Dedicated or partial resources to extend your reach to match the level of need of each customer

Next steps

Getting our existing customers to New-Scale SIEM success and teeing up our service offerings with a refurbished take on deployment, adoption, and platform services are all part of the total investment that Exabeam is making in our Customer-First strategy.

This also means all net-new customers who purchase any Exabeam product will be directly deployed on the new cloud-native platform. Our objective is to help you accelerate time-to-deploy, recognize the full value of the Exabeam Security Operations Platform, and continue to optimize the value you derive from it.

For existing customers, your CSM or account representative will connect with you. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact your CSM directly.

Did you miss the Exabeam Spotlight22 Livestream?

Watch the recording for a look into our exciting announcements.

You’ll see:

  • A fireside chat with Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables, and Exabeam CEO and President Michael DeCesare
  • Exabeam executives and experts unveil our vision to modernize security operations and share the latest, greatest Exabeam SIEM and security analytics product innovations

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