Exabeam’s Chief Security Strategist, Stephen Moore, was invited to share his predictions for the future of cybersecurity with VMBlog for 2018 as part of their 10th annual industry executive exclusive. In his post, he shares his perspective on the changing face of cybersecurity.

Robust cybersecurity policies are an absolute necessity given the changing landscape of cybersecurity. People regularly ask questions like, “Do organizations even need a CISO anymore?”, “Should cybersecurity sit independent of IT?”, and “Where should the IT security budget come from?”. These questions have shaped the cybersecurity industry, and it continues to mature. In 2018, we should expect the cybersecurity industry to evolve in three key ways.


The role of the CISO has been a divisive topic since it was created. The question of whether they are legitimate influencers, or solely an insurance policy in the event of a security breach, has plagued the role. However, this is starting to change. The role is gaining independence, as CISOs are no longer reporting to the CIO and cybersecurity is becoming a boardroom issue.

Cybersecurity In The Boardroom

As security becomes more important to the boardroom, more technical experts will be brought on as voting members and board advisors. A more cybersecurity-oriented board will increase oversight on security teams and increase cybersecurity awareness.

Security Perceptions

Companies that are increasingly focused on cybersecurity will have the unique opportunity to market their security to their customers. Strong internal security programs can be an effective sales tool to customers looking for data protection. This will easily transition to more third party risk evaluations, as CISOs attempt to give a greater validity to their security practices.

As cybersecurity continues to affect all levels of business, it will be acknowledged as a critical component of a company’s success. This will not only help businesses, but also help the security industry to evolve and become a more integrated part of business operations.

You can check out Stephen Moore’s full article here on VMBlog.com.

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