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Applying Data Science to User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Discusses the effective use of data science within a UEBA system.

Unlike other user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) products, only Exabeam combines data science and security research within a security intelligence platform. This white paper discusses the application of data science within a UEBA product to address cyber threats.

To provide concrete examples, we refer to the Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform, which implements UEBA functionality. In concept, a UEBA system such as Exabeam’s monitors network entities’ behaviors within an enterprise and flags unexpected behaviors worthy of investigation. While the benefits are understandable, there are many challenges. In this white paper, we’ll focus on the data analytics capabilities that have proven to work well in the field for many customers with different environments.

Read the white paper to learn:

  • How machine learning is used to derive network context
  • How statistical analysis can reduce false positives for UEBA
  • Which techniques have proven to work well in real customer deployments

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