Exabeam News Wrap-up – June 1, 2023 - Exabeam

Exabeam News Wrap-up – June 1, 2023

June 01, 2023


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Welcome to our latest roundup of Exabeam news coverage, press releases, articles, and awards. Stay up to date with the Exabeam News Wrap-up and visit the Exabeam Newsroom for all things newsworthy.

In this article:

Reducing Insider Threat Risk in Uncertain Economic Times

During economically challenging times, organizations often overlook security in favor of budgets and bottom lines. Exabeam President of Sales Ralph Pisani explains the importance of organizations implementing insider threat programs to mitigate insider risk.

“Companies that are downsizing, or still planning to, must have an insider threat program in place or run the risk of falling victim to a massive cyberattack,” Pisani warns. He emphasizes that not all insiders are employees with ill intent, but can be employees whose credentials are compromised by external actors. In these uncertain times, he says, “security leaders need to be working hand in hand with HR to detect insider threats. The cost is too great otherwise.”

Cyberattack Disrupts Operations at Philadelphia Inquirer

In the runup to a city election, a cyberattack has significantly disrupted the Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial services and advertising. Jeannie Warner, Director of Product Marketing at Exabeam, suggests some indicators about the nature of the attack. She also predicts that such incidents could increase as the 2024 presidential elections approach.”It is critical that organizations have the automation capabilities to streamline the entire investigation to reduce dwell time and damages,” she advises.

Lessons from the World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Startup CEOs

Exabeam CEO Mike DeCesare warns organizations against the common mistake of trying to reach too many geographies and sizes of companies at once, especially as teams are scaling. “Being deliberate about how you leverage your sales teams and your go-to-market strategy is key to achieving growth, he says. 

Exabeam Appoints Pravin Vazirani to Board of Directors

Pravin Vazirani, Managing Director and Co-Head of Technology Investing at Blue Owl Capital, joins the Exabeam Board of Directors. “We are honored to have Pravin join our board and look forward to his leadership and guidance,” says DeCesare. “Pravin led our Series F funding round at Blue Owl Capital and supports our strategy to enable worldwide organizations with our cloud-native SIEM, analytics, and investigation products.”

Amplifying the Voices of Security Technology Leaders

Exabeam CISO Tyler Farrar emphasizes that security culture is a shared responsibility that permeates an organization. He says, “Security doesn’t stop where my team ends from a functional organization perspective. At Exabeam, there are people focused on security within research and engineering, as well as product security and compliance management.”

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 – No more empty words

Cybersecurity professionals often face high-stress workloads. Sam Humphries, Head of Security Strategy for EMEA at Exabeam advocates for better organizational support for these teams. “Cybercriminals don’t follow the typical 9-5, so security teams commonly work in an ‘always-on’ state; even taking personal time off to relax can be difficult to achieve,” Humphries says. She suggests companies invest in automation-based solutions to offload mundane tasks, enabling their teams to focus on solving cybersecurity challenges.

15 Processes to Have in Place to Ensure a Safe And Healthy Work Environment

Exabeam CHRO Gianna Driver, a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council, shares strategies for creating a safe and healthy workplace. “Companies well-poised for success are those that realize the power of psychological safety and teamwork in creating environments where individuals collaborate and share information,” says Driver. She advises leaders to build trust by celebrating failures, normalizing mistakes, and embracing vulnerability.

Urging Pay Equity and Transparency

At the HRO Today Forum, Driver led a discussion on pay transparency, sharing approaches that have worked for Exabeam in addressing pay disparities, mainly among Black and Latino women. She encourages leaders to maintain transparency, embrace difficult conversations, and cultivate a growth mindset to build trust and engagement.

NEC Australia Chooses Exabeam For Better Outcomes 

NEC Australia, a leading provider of communications, networking, and security services, has chosen Exabeam to safeguard its critical assets and data. With our solution, NEC Australia has reduced time spent on repetitive tasks by 30%.

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