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Simplify Security Operations Workflows and Management

April 05, 2022


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On average, cybersecurity professionals spend 20.9 hours responding to a single security incident, according to the 2021 Voice of SecOps report. With new attacks surfacing everyday, cybersecurity professionals need their SOC tools to be an asset to their day-to-day operations. Yet, many cybersecurity professionals are dissatisfied with their tools; the report states that 69% expressed lack of confidence in their existing solutions.

Security solutions can be resource intensive and difficult to manage, adding complexity to resource-strapped security teams. Instead, organizations need a solution on which they can rely, so that they can spend less time on management, and more time on what really matters — detecting and responding to threats.

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Exabeam simplifies security operation workflows and management 

Exabeam customers can identify and respond to critical security issues and attacks from a centralized control plane, increasing analyst productivity and reducing response times. Leveraging behavioral analytics, Exabeam differentiates normal behavior from abnormal activity, applies risk scoring to identify notable users and events, and builds Smart Timelines™ to automatically reconstruct security incidents with context to accelerate investigation and response. 

Automating detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) enables cybersecurity analysts to ignore the noise that often distracts teams from acting on the high-risk incidents impacting their organizations.

Access all Exabeam apps from a single login

Simplifying security operations workflow also needs a simple and unified login experience for all security applications. Exabeam has an easy-to-use solution that complements day-to-day security operations and workflows. Now available for Exabeam Fusion SIEM and Exabeam Fusion XDR customers, Exabeam simplifies access to all Exabeam applications.

Access all Exabeam apps from a single login

From the Exabeam SOC Platform homepage, Exabeam Fusion customers can quickly access all of their Exabeam applications. A single access point for all Exabeam applications enables analysts to easily navigate between Exabeam products, simplifying their TDIR workflows. 

Centralized identity management with role-based controls

From settings, administrators can add users, assign roles, and manage their IdP. Any changes made, including changes to permissions and entitlements, are applied to all Exabeam applications. Administrators can create custom roles for each role in the organization, with the associated permissions, and generate reports for audit.

Centralized identity management with role-based controls

For administrators, centralizing identity management helps alleviate the pain of managing credentials. Standardizing permissions and entitlements across all Exabeam applications from a single identity store helps prevent credential misuse from a departed employee whose credentials have not been revoked, or a malicious insider accessing information that should be restricted. Flexibility and customization for creating roles enables admins to define roles that best fit their organization, preventing instances of over- or under-provisioning in support of governance.

Support for SAML identity providers

The Exabeam SOC Platform supports one or more SAML identity providers. Users can access all their organization’s applications, including Exabeam, with a single identity. This ensures users have one less identity to keep track of, while also having streamlined access to all products in the Exabeam SOC Platform.

Support for SAML identity providers

With a single identity, organizations can reduce the surface area for credential theft and abuse. Organizations can ensure aligned security for identities and enable multifactor authentication for enhanced security. Large enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSP) also benefit from streamlined identities and navigation across their entire organization.

For MSSPs, support for multiple IdP simplifies configuration and enablement of users outside of their organization while maintaining secure access to their Exabeam environment. For large organizations, support for multiple IdP provides flexibility and security without needing to standardize SAML IdP across natural organization boundaries like subsidiaries or regions. This means organizations can use their preferred IdP to securely access Exabeam.


Less time spent managing credentials and shifting between different interfaces are just a few ways that Exabeam boosts SOC productivity, to ensure time is spent where it really matters — detecting and responding to threats.

Learn more about SOC Productivity

To learn how our TDIR capabilities can increase the effectiveness of your existing security tooling and boost SOC productivity through automation and centralized workflows, visit:

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