The New CISO Podcast

The New CISO is a podcast hosted by Exabeam Chief Security Strategist, Steve Moore. A former IT security leader himself, Steve sits down with Chief Information Security Officers to get their take on cybersecurity trends, what it takes to lead security teams and how things are changing in today’s world.

What career path is best? When is a data breach is over? How do you manage limited IT budgets for maximum ROI? Informative and educational, The New CISO answers your burning cybersecurity questions. Whether you’re a current or aspiring CISO, The New CISO provides practical advice, guidance, and lessons learned from peers.

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Hosted by Steve Moore

Steve Moore is Vice President and Chief Security Strategist at Exabeam, helping drive solutions for threat detection and advising customers on security programs and breach response. Prior to Exabeam, Moore served as Staff VP of Cybersecurity Analytics at Anthem, a Fortune 30 healthcare company. Moore’s experience includes leading the investigation of state sponsored cyberespionage campaigns, breach response, associated legal depositions, and client management. He’s passionate about cybersecurity, teamwork and leadership excellence.

Episode 3: What It Means to Be an Honest Broker

Learn what it means to be an “honest broker” in the context of security leadership—an agent of trust and transparency for a business. Brian covers strategies for delivering the right message to the board, the learning opportunities that come with candor, and the honest truth about managing the inherent stress of being a CISO.

Brian Haugli is a partner at Side Channel Security, a consulting firm in the Boston area. Previously VP and chief security officer for The Hanover Insurance Group, he’s a seasoned security leader who’s held numerous roles within the federal government responsible for strategic initiatives involving cybersecurity and information risk management.

Brian Haugli

Episode 2: The Ins and Outs of Budgeting

Andrew Wild, CISO at QTS Data Centers, talks about building an IT security budget, the challenges of prioritizing resources to balance risk, and the value of cooperation–something often more difficult to obtain than the budget itself.

Andrew Wild is CISO of QTS Data Centers. As an information security and risk management executive with over 25 years of experience, he has built and managed numerous corporate information security programs and is known for leading by example with a positive and energetic attitude.

Andrew Wild

Episode 1: Lessons Learned from a Virtual CISO

Matt Klein, Virtual CISO and Executive Advisor at Optiv, sits down with Steve Moore to share his insights on teamwork, getting visibility at the executive level, and the right prep for effective board conversations.

Matt Klein is a virtual CISO and executive advisor for Optiv. He advises enterprises on how to transition through leadership changes, improve security and reduce risk, and identify areas of opportunity where information technology can help contribute value to the bottom line.

Matt Klein